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Zigan's News

Posted by Zigan - August 6th, 2015




Posted by Zigan - April 16th, 2015

Hi all. I seem to have a growing amount of fans and I want to thank each of you for support. However, if you don't want to be just a number, I'd like to hear your thoughts on what kind of art you would like to see me take on. I also want to experiment to see actually how many of you see this.

Also, would you watch a livestream or art videos of my work?

Please leave a comment, and thanks again for viewing and giving feedback on my art.



Posted by Zigan - November 27th, 2013

I hope everyone has a good holiday and has had a good year so far. I can't believe time seems to go by so fast, the more you get older that is it. You'll have to forgive me if I go on a little bit as I've been having some slightly upsetting dreams as of late.

I think sometimes you really just have to stop, breathe for a minute and move on. We go through a lot of shit, climbs, falls and intake so much information (especially these days) that our mind just wants to explode. We did hell of a lot of things we shouldn't of done, and definitely things we should have done... We all ask ourselves; what kind of person we'd be if we had taken a different action? What different people would we meet, and how we would change as an individual. Asking those kinds of questions can lead to a whole world of regret, but at the same time, it can give you some perspective. It gives ideas and unmasks some emotions that could maybe even lead to some creativity or a story. We get a lot of inspiration from movies, art and other sciences, but I think we also get so much more from inside us and what we experience. The people we see, the conversations we have, conflicts, relationships, and in a single moment of time put all that together and create mountains of color and emotions. I'm not saying you can't look forward and get inspiration. That's kind of key to keep your sanity at least. =P

Anyway, my ranting will end here. Even though I might of sounded like I'm upset, I am thankful for what I have and I hope everyone who is reading has something or someone to be thankful for. Please feel free to share any thoughts or thanks this holiday.

Dreaming Turkeys

Posted by Zigan - March 3rd, 2013

=============> OH HEY LOOK OVER HERE!!

Yup right here. Did I get your attention? Must av'e if you're reading this... *takes a drink*... Ok now that I have your attention. I didn't even notice how many fans I had till recently @ 975 atm. Wether it's a big deal or not, I'd feel like an ass if I didn't thank all of you for taking the time to check out my art. Time is a very dear thing to people, most of the 'time' we wish not to waste it, especially when it gives other people glory for no apparent reason.

So I do want to say, thanks to everyone to viewing and voting on my work. Wether it's 5 stars, 4... or 1 (I see you trolls), it means a lot and it's a great part of what keeps me going with what I do. So thank YOU. Also want to thank NG for frontpagin' my stuff from time to time, you guys are great.

A note to all that I do have a website and I will do commissions depending on the content and time that I have. I'm sure we can work something out, but please visit www.zc-designs.com first for more info.

Anyway, thanks again. Now here's a drunk cat in a trash can!

A moment to recognize

Posted by Zigan - February 13th, 2013

Yes, I can't seem to make up my mind anymore. New website and layout at http://www.zc-designs.com/

Still working on it so bare with me. More updates to come.

Also, I did not create the website design on my own. Just some tweaks here and there, but you will find the author's sign on the bottom of the page. So do note, please do not spam my comments section on information about props on said layout again or you will find them soon deleted... again. Thanks :]

Posted by Zigan - February 4th, 2011

So recently I've been getting around to focusing more on my main story. I know the last update was pretty old and I do procrastinate but, I really need to get this done and I've finally come up with a plausible beginning that will tie things together quite nicely. I wish I could say more but there is work that needs to be done and I will do the best I can to get Chapter 1 out asap. The way the story spans would go well as a trilogy, but we will see.

Check out the latest teaser image here: http://zigan.deviantart.com/#/d38osdv

A lot more concepts need to be done, but it would be nice to get some more teaser posters out.

Posted by Zigan - January 21st, 2011

Art Theft!

So apparently someone was stealing my art, posting it on GaiaOnline and claiming it as their own and trying to sell or gain a certain profit. Two people informed me of this on DeviantArt and told me they had contacted the staff and shown proof that it was mine. Hopefully this got resolved. I contacted the informers back asking for more information on the culprit. I would definitely like to know who this person was.

If anyone else sees my art on other websites in which people are using to gain any kind of recognition or profit, please contact me. :)

Posted by Zigan - October 2nd, 2010

I'd like to take this time to release some information probably not many of you know. But I have been wanting to bring a certain thought to life--a story and idea that I've had for some time now.

It is a combination of many events, ideas, religion, science, drama, and action all packed into several character's lives, however, there is a main character to this story. I want to bring to light on certain things how I feel could be real or possible in our universe, and when you think about science in religion, it is the most debatable concept that man has never been able to 100% accurately tell. Not saying that I can, I just want people to experience what a certain person goes through in the story to find out the real truth (my thoughts) about everything in existance. It is NOT a documentary, but as I have stated - a fictional story.

I don't want to release too much information at this point. I will say however that it does become more of a space opera. The majority of the story doesn't really take place on earth, but more of what happens to our planet and our surrounding solar system over time. It realistically explains a theory that could happen through the trials of the human mind, it's bravery, determination, but even fear and greed. I don't want people going right off the bat saying this is a star wars-like story because it is nowhere near as cliche imo.

I'd like to work on some more art and concepts for the story and release them here soon as I can so people can get a grasp on what I'm feeling on this. I'm not much of a writer so it's been very difficult for me filling in a lot of gaps on this story. I already have some possible character concepts in my gallery if anyone is curious.

My main problem right now is just motivation and ideas to get myself goin. @_@;

Posted by Zigan - July 24th, 2010

I have a livestream account incase anyone is wondering.

The account is going to be active for more drawing/tutorial purposes, so if you want to pick up a few hints and tips go and check it out. I already have a few videos up.

If you'd like to get in direct contact with me, my skype is Zigan18 or send me a message on NG.




Posted by Zigan - May 23rd, 2010

Haaaay, so haven't posted any news for awhile... wait. NEWS?! MY LIFE?! noWAI... my life isn't nearly interesting enough, atleast--not as much as a lot of others... course, this can be a good thing if it portrays good things or bad things. However, there are some thing I wish I could get taken care of a little easier. I did, however, get my tax return money that I was worried about in my last post, so that is a good thing. I also got a car, but speaking of which it's having some difficulties because it's shaking when Im in low gear or stopping, and it takes more pressure on the gas pedal to go any faster... -_- Really hoping it's nothing serious. Ontop of that I need a new prescription of glasses (still) and need to get my eyes checked. Really want to get contacts though this time around. I also really need to go to the dentist cause I haven't been there in awhile, but that's going to cost me a fortune I know because I def have a fair amount of cavities and I need to get a tooth pulled that is near the front and I might need to get a fake tooth put in... which I hear is easily close to $1000 maybe... -_- I need a better job for sure. I do want to visit a friend out of state, a family member 2 hours away, and plus more family that I haven't seen in over 2 years now, including my niece. Winning the lotto be nice. >_>; The meat market just ain't cutting it. =/ Be nice to meet a few more people around where I live as well that are... oh, i dunno, INTERESTING? I'm kind of picky with the people I hang with, that and trust issues. Be nice to find a woman but all the girls at my work are way too young or too immature. Not looking for a big relationship though, atleast I don't think. Just seems like I never get enough time to myself when I am... maybe just haven't found the right person yet. =/

Well apart from BAD stuff, I been really needing to catch up on my proportional drawings and figures. Drawing for me is pretty enjoyable, but once you get in that comfort zone you have to try out new things and explore your skill to actually get where you want to be. I'd like to start drawing other things though too such as creatures/monsters. I believe it's a great trial if you can combine human beauty with something monstrous. ;)

As for my story "The Theory of You", I've been trying to write little by little what I can. It's very hard right now because I'm not sure how to begin the story. I have a lot of small ideas but they have gaps or loopholes too that I need to figure out to actually make them work and become unquestionable when I actually get some chapters out. I guess I'll go ahead and post the synopsis of what I have so far. Forgive me for the "unskillful" writing, since I think it could probably worded it better, so bare with me here >_O;

A story so far lost in time and space, it is a theory driven directly on the human mind to witniss events so incomprehensible that science itself cannot begin to figure out.

It is the year 2018. When a young man's life begins to start happily but drastically changes for the worse and
loses everything, he threatens his very way of life to commiting suicide. Upon this decloration, he plunges
into a world far into a distant time than his own as another person he has never seen or heard of before. Realizing
that reincarnation is true, he is the only one who can remember his past life while everyone else lives so foolishly. In this second life, he discovers new people baring very elaborate lives and crusading adventures that he has no other option than to experience. While he goes through so many changes and harsh reality than he can barely get a grip of, the people he knew in his past life come into view, including the wife he lost. Anxiously wanting to tell people what has happend to him without sounding crazy, he decides keep the people he meets close to him and playing along rather than to be stranded in the vast universe before him.

In a compelling and remarkable tale of a young man facing death and renewing life into a world that puts him in a cornerstone of infinite proportions and a grueling war spanning the universe.

...yeah any friggin ways. >.>; Been watching Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Been getting quite a bit of inspiration from this series, especially the music (love Yoko Kanno). Haven't really been watching a lot of anime recently except for that... wonder which one I should watch next. @_@