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Posted by Zigan - October 2nd, 2010

I'd like to take this time to release some information probably not many of you know. But I have been wanting to bring a certain thought to life--a story and idea that I've had for some time now.

It is a combination of many events, ideas, religion, science, drama, and action all packed into several character's lives, however, there is a main character to this story. I want to bring to light on certain things how I feel could be real or possible in our universe, and when you think about science in religion, it is the most debatable concept that man has never been able to 100% accurately tell. Not saying that I can, I just want people to experience what a certain person goes through in the story to find out the real truth (my thoughts) about everything in existance. It is NOT a documentary, but as I have stated - a fictional story.

I don't want to release too much information at this point. I will say however that it does become more of a space opera. The majority of the story doesn't really take place on earth, but more of what happens to our planet and our surrounding solar system over time. It realistically explains a theory that could happen through the trials of the human mind, it's bravery, determination, but even fear and greed. I don't want people going right off the bat saying this is a star wars-like story because it is nowhere near as cliche imo.

I'd like to work on some more art and concepts for the story and release them here soon as I can so people can get a grasp on what I'm feeling on this. I'm not much of a writer so it's been very difficult for me filling in a lot of gaps on this story. I already have some possible character concepts in my gallery if anyone is curious.

My main problem right now is just motivation and ideas to get myself goin. @_@;


Hmm, honestly it sounds like a solid idea. What kind of ideas are you looking for? Being an aspiring writer I may be of help.

Interesting idea. I hope it materializes.



I know how hard it is to get writing on a story. I've two in the works that I haven't even touch in over a month because quite frankly I've no clue in what direction to go. Though I will say this much--you've an idea that could vastly work if you stick with it. I may be contradicting myself when I say that but go for it and give it hell.

Wow that sounds glorious and i didn't even think about Star Wars whilst reading this. That sounds, truly ingenious to write about and I would love to see something like that come together. Hopefully me saying it sounds fantastic is motivation to give it an enthusiastic go. :D

Hey I hear ya. When it comes to writing, drawing, or basically - doing - anything creative it's all about motivation and getting down ideas. I'm sure there's some sort of black hole where all the lost creative ideas get sucked up into when motivation is missing.

As for advice on how to deal with it...well, I'm still working that out myself. Best method is probably to start working right when you feel a fresh bit of inspiration hit ya. Jot down anything and everything, even if it isn't all that coherent.

Inspiration comes at the strangest of times.